RSS is opposed to FDI in retail says Dr Mohan Bhagwat

 New Delhi, 7th November 2013.













Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is of the opinion that the country should not open its doors to FDI in the retail sector.

As a follow up to the Vijayadashmi address by RSS Sarsanghchalak, Dr.Mohan Bhagwat, a discussion was organised at Delhi with some of the intellectuals and opinion makers. During the Q&A session, Dr. Bhagwat gave the RSS perspective on a number of key issues. This sort of program after the Vijayadashmi address has been organised for the 2nd year in succession at Delhi. He stated that it has always been Sangh's view that we should be open to get critical knowledge and  technologies from other countries, albeit on our terms.

Dr.Bhagwat asked " Why do we need to give foreign companies permission to sell soap, oil and vegetables at the cost of destroying our retailers. " He said that Sangh has always emphasised on Swadeshi to strengthen our independence and promote Ahimsa. He mentioned that the true Independence of a human being is in being self-reliant. To have a proper control on human needs, it is important to develop a nature of "Ahimsa". Dr.Bhagwat also added that the country needed a balanced and wise economic policy. The policies must empower the common citizen to have the basic capability to provide for food, clothing, housing, health, and the ability to take care of guests at home honourably. They should not lead to a situation where people are forced to commit suicide for lack of basic requirements. At the same time, we must ensure that proper measures are taken to maintain adequate Forex reserves.

 Answering questions related to our neighbouring countries, especially Pakistan, he added that we need to design a strategy by which Pakistan would not even dare to make a covert attack on Bharat. In order to achieve that, we must make such efforts to defeat Pakistan at the diplomatic level that it fears that attacking Bharat will antagonize all other countries. He said that it is not right that Pakistan continues to attack us and we continue to only offer talks. We must be fearless and appropriate steps must be initiated. He supported the nuclear power initiative and indicated that Bharat, like China needs to give evidence of its power of being able to keep its neighbouring countries under check.

 Dr.Bhagwat was confident that in spite of varied ideologies, people from all sections of society can come together and work for the welfare of our country. He clarified that Sangh doesn't latch on to a particular dogma and is interested in the pursuit of the truth. Important values that need to be nurtured are being given up and the harmful ideas are being pursued due to ego and selfishness. This needs to be corrected.

One of the journalists asked if Sangh's impact and acceptability is reducing. To that, Dr.Bhagwat informed that it was in fact the other way around. To another question where it was asked if "nationalism" had become redundant in a global environment, he replied that other countries are only chanting the slogan of globalization but are in fact keen on developing their own nations. Sarsanghchalak also informed that as of now, Sangh has not found the need to change its core ideology and perspective. However, if we find that we need to make a change in our perspective, we would not hesitate to do so. "We don't believe in any "isms", we believe only in the Truth" , he said. He also mentioned that Sangh work is growing continuously. The number of Shakas and the attendance of swayamsevaks in Shakas are also growing.

Sarsanghchalak emphasised on the need for "Value Based Education" and "Education free of business interests ". We need to keep away those foreign universities, which are interested only in making profits of millions of dollars. He emphasised the need to revamp the education system in order to develop human beings with better character, It is the teacher who can set an example by his or her own life. However, since the teacher is also a product of the same education system, the teacher also needs training in value based education. Instead of the pursuit of wealth, fame and authority, the teacher must stand as an example in helping others and involve in development activities in society. To ensure that the seeds of this attitude are developed at home, Sangh has started the "Kutumb Prabodhan" ( work of inspiring families ) . He said that it is not possible to correct in a short time, the fall of some core values which have been falling for a long period. However, he expressed confidence that the situation is not such grim that it cannot be corrected. He said we need to create a sense of love and responsibility towards our " Waters, Forests, Land, Animals and Culture".  He said that the next 25 years are critical to develop the nation of our dreams. Sangh is investing time and energy in developing individuals who will rise above selfishness and differences, along with building the ability to fulfil their duty in spite of any odds and obstacles. 

Dr.Bhagwat expressed the need to have laws which are common to the entire society. In another context, he mentioned that in the true sense of race and numbers, there is no minority in our country and the "Minorityism" in our country is a result of wrong policies of appeasement and vote-bank politics.

Answering a question regarding the state of affairs of women in our country, Dr.Bhagwat said that Sangh was in total support of empowerment of women. He said, " The Bharaitya view of women is truly scientific and towards the welfare of entire humanity. Between man and woman, none is higher or lower. In the welfare of family and the nation, both have to contribute equally". He gave reference to his Vijayadashmi address wherein he had laid the importance on the need of women being strong, aware and intellectually sound. We must create an atmosphere where in women are motivated and also get independence to contribute their mite. He emphasized on the importance of providing education to girls free of cost. He said “There are only a few things that a woman may not be able to do because of nature's construct.  In fact, my opinion is that in comparison to the few works that the woman may not be able to do, there are far more works that only a woman can do which a man cannot do. Therefore there should not be any hindrances and obstacles in her way”.