Hindu thought process has always wished the welfare of entire world says Ma Bhayyaji Joshi

A glimpse of Swayamsevaks demonstrating magnificent Chakra Vyuha in GhoshThe 3 day Ghosh Tarang shibir was successfully completed in Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) during 8
th, 9th and 10th February. In all, 862 swayamsevaks coming from 223 places participated in the shibir.The samarop ( valedictory function ) was held at Nizam college grounds, Bhagyangar (Hyderabad) on 10th Feb 2013 in which around 8000 people attended including 6000 men and more than 1200 women. Padmasri Sri Ella Venkateswara Rao, a famous mridang player, who was also the Adhyaksh of the Swagat samiti gave his aashish prasang. The chief guest was Sri Sirivennela Sitaram Sastry, a famous lyricist in Telugu film industry and he spoke eloquently on the occasion. RSS sarkaryavah Ma. Shri Bhayyaji Joshi addressed the gathering and following is the full text of his speech.

On this occasion of the closing ceremony of this camp you all have come in such a large number, this scene fills us all with joy! All the shibirathis, here and now, in front of you all have given exemplary performance. We all know that RSS is not an organisation that gives training for musical bands. The heightened mental strength, the samskara that is formed, the strength and conviction that is infused in the body, this ghosha dal is there to serve that end. It has been a part of the Bharatiya culture since ancient times and merits a well respected place. The ordinary swayamsevaks sitting here got the training and performed before us (in such a short intense

Today in Bharat, there is band of the army, there is a band of the police and the navy also! But there is no band of any service organisation of this kind such as present in RSS. Perhaps this is unique to RSS in the entire world! The musical instruments of the army
and the police.. they play the music gotten from other countries. But here, in Sangha, keeping the Bharatiya sangeet as the base has composed the music and hence the performance that was done now had instruments, and composition with roots in Bharatiya Sangeet. I consider that this also is a very novel and amazing experiment done by the Sangh. 

Ma. Bhayyaji Joshi and other guests on the dais of Ghosh Tarang held at BhagyanagarWe all are acquainted with the work of the sangh, If there is a need 
today,  it is that the people living in this nation consider this nation their very own and this land their motherland. The Society has to become united, educated, and awakened, this is the demand of the situation prevailing today. When we talk of having power, then it is a positive thought process! Bharatiya thought process, Hindu thought process -- has always been to wish the welfare of the Entire world! We have never contemplated about a restricted region or group of people. 

Our Rishis and Manishis have always wished the welfare of the entire world. They have developed our value system with such motivation only. And that is why, for the Hindu samaj to be united and strong is not a need merely of Bharat alone but for  the entire world!

On Swami Vivekananda's 150th Birth year we should remember his messages. He said that if Bharat loses life values then it cannot be preserved in any other part of the world either. And the contribution that Bharat has done to the entire world towards its welfare, for the completion of that process this society has to be strong and united. Taking this goal Sangha has been working for past 86 years. Today when we see that there are efforts to weaken this society by different forces of the world -- it is not a new matter that has come up today only; it has been happening since several hundred years; invaders have kept attacking this land and people and tried to destroy this culture!

We, in our entire history, in the description of the wars that we come across in our scriptures, this nation has always seen adharma standing and rising against dharma,  Injustice rising against justice, falsehood rising against the truth and evil rising against the good!
And yet our experience tells us that in the struggle each time the victory was of the dharma, justice, truth and good! The hindu society living in this land must Identify such destructive forces first. There is an attempt to create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity by violence. There are challenges in front of the society. We do not rely on weapons. -- Bharat has always walked with Saastra in preference to sastra. We are not worshippers of weapons. But if for self-defence and for maintaining our dignity there arises such a need we  will not hesitate to wield weapons. That is the message that our gods also give us. We have never gone to attack anyone. That is not in line with our life values.

Through suppression, violence and fear there is an attempt to destroy this culture -- but it will never succeed! Today in this world there are religions with narrow thoughts, who by the virtue of amassed wealth are scheming to weaken this society (by means of religious conversion). Friends, we have to understand these challenges! We must stay united, with conviction, against these challenges! But I have to say regretfully that in political field, keeping only few elections in mind, with greed of votes,  the Hindu society is repeatedly ignored and maligned. Some call it terrorism. Some say that because of it there is separatism in the society. People say such things merely to please others. They use words like Hindu terrorism and Saffron terrorism. A Hindu cannot be a terrorist. If Saffron color is considered the representation of terror group then all our saints and all Dharmic places will be considered center of terrorism! I plead that to merely satisfy base political aspirations, none should send such incorrect message.

Whatever challenges that our nation has, if we look at them  they are the problems in front of the Hindu society! Our temples are not secure. Several hundred year old Ram Temple was destroyed by Islam. We worry about its protection but the need that we reestablish the Ram
temple there once again is considered communal. It is our national pride. The people responsible for protecting nation’s pride(government) are narrow minded and communal. Today when we celebrate Hindu festivals with peace we are surrounded with doubts --Diwali, Ganesha festival, Durga Puja -- there is an environment of fear! How will we celebreate these festivals? If they are not celebrated in Bharat then where else? For a place of devotion, central to our belief system, the center of our pride and source of our inspiration -- the effort to preserve it cannot be termed communal! Unnecessarily, for political selfishness, to destroy Hindu pride, being narrow-minded, and standing against democracy what do we desire? We should analyse and introspect.

We want to follow good human values but several varieties of living are influencing us. It is a matter of concern for all of us -- increase of materialism and ignoring human values! The nation where women are treated with respect (always)... the women of that nation do not feel secure today! A woman who goes out in morning, will she return safely in evening? -- Such a question has materialised! What kind of customs and habits are entering this nation? The society needs to contemplate over it. Today where female infanticide is happening and our daughters are prevented from taking birth -- if it is happening due to a wrong custom then the entire Hindu samaj must take vow to eradicate it and stand together with conviction to root out all such customs! If there is dowry system and we want our daughters safe then we need to think very very seriously about this dowry system. Eradicating such evil customs, uniting the Hindu society that is the answer to all our challenges! There is a need to understand this. There is a need to put effort in this direction. A collective effort is needed in all areas. I believe that the area of Art, literature, and education, if these are healthy then a person imbibes good values, if there is any weakness in these, then it gives way to deformity. We should think if the society will go towards regeneration or degeneration. And that is why I do not want to blame any external force. External forces will unceasingly try to disturb the harmony of this nation. But does the society of our nation understand the challenge? Does it want to come forward to address these challenges?

Chanakya once said: The harm to our nation, done by foreign invaders is much less than what has been inflicted because of inactivity of the good forces in the nation. Today there is a need that the good thoughts should be nurtured and grown - not be kept dormant, it should not be limited to an individual either,  it should unite the society together as  a strong force and destroy all the forces that are creating differences. We are part of one nation, one society, we are all Hindu -- saying this with pride we all must rise above petty differences and stand tall on the world stage. And that is why the society, politics, economic system, education system, all these must be aligned with this nation's traditions and culture. People thinking along these lines should come forward and give their contribution. 
I want to quote a teaching of Swami Vivekananda and conclude my speech with it -- he had once said in his speech that the basis of the thought process of this nation is extremely strong, it encompasses all times; in any era it is meaningful and beneficial, it is needed for any society of this world, such thinking is the foundation of the Bharatiya thought process! But due to some reasons the building on this foundation has become weak. There is a need that on this strong foundation we build a strong nation and show light to the entire world. God has given us the responsibility to show way to the entire world, to fulfil that responsibility, to become ready in future -- with such thought only several holy persons sacrificed their lives. Several devotees, social reformist did the same. Even today, understanding these things, understanding our role, we should decide our contribution. With full conviction, joining hands in this efforts, we shall become once again a strong nation. I conclude my talk with this prayer and request you all with thanks.