Shri Guruji - A profound philosopher yet an ordinary Swayamsevak





SHRI GURUJI – a name that inspired thousands of people to devote their lives at the altar of our motherland. Many more to dedicate themselves for a sacred cause. He asked us to live for our motherland; not to die. He lived simple life; but left a profound impact. He was a saint in appearance, philosopher in wisdom, a visionary in foresight yet he called himself an ordinary swayamsevak. One may not find his physical presence today but one can find him in every nook and corner of the country in thousands of the hearts that he touched. Many live and then leave. But a very few leave their legacy. And he left such a legacy that today proudly says “we are the children of this great soil with burning devotion to restore the national glory.”  It was his tireless efforts that enabled the various Dharmacharyas and Shankaracharyas to declare that there is no place for untouchability in Hinduism. He tirelessly toured the length and breadth of the country for over 66 times in his 33 years as Sarsanghchalak of RSS and inspired lacs of youngsters to make the glory of their motherland as the mission of their lives. A small tribute to such a great soul on his birthday i.e. 19th February. A brief biography of Shri Guruji by Ma. H.V Sheshadri ji at´╗┐