ABPS 2014: Press Briefing of MaSah sarkaryavaha ShriDattatreya Hosabale ji

Date : 07-03-2014

Shri.Dattatreya Hosabale, Akhil Bharateeya Saha Sarkaryavaha addressed the press today morning. Below is an extract of the Saha Sarkaryavaha’s press briefing.


















“Akhil Bharateeya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) of RSS began today in Bengaluru. Sarsanghachalak Ji inaugurated the ABPS by lighting the lamp. The APBS was organized thrice earlier in Bengaluru and twice at other places in Karnataka, at Puttur and Mangalore. Around 1385 delegates from all over the country are expected in this annual meeting of the Sangh. The ABPS reviews the past one year of Sangh’s growth, its various activities, and their impact on national life and decides on the direction of Sangh work for the next one year, considering the present national scenario. The ABPS will also plan for the training activities of the Sangh Swayamsevaks and related activities. The ABPS will also deliberate on Sangh’s work in other areas apart from Shakha work such as Seva, Samarasata (social harmony), and others where RSS works in co-operation with the common populace of the country.


In the last 3 years of continuous work, Sangh shakhas have increased by 2000-2500 shakhas. The expansion of Sangh work has been planned in 3 phases; First phase till 2015, second till 2018 and third till 2025. Given the present trend, by 2015 we expect to grow by 10-12% in all our work areas. There has been an increase in the participation of youth in Sangh activities in all spheres of Sangh work, especially Seva related activities. From January 2013 to January of 2014, Swami Vivekananada 150th birth year celebrations (SV 150) were organized all over the country. These were held under the aegis of Vivekananda Kendra of Kanyakumari. Sangh and its Swayamsevaks extended full co-operation in organizing these events all over the country. Swami Vivekananda’s relevance and message are conveyed through ‘SV 150′ celebrations and hugely inspired the youth. This was evident by the response the SV150 celebrations received from the people especially youth of the country.


In one such activity, about 15000 college students in Nagpur vowed to take up some social activity such as rural development, social upliftment in their college life and after. Sangh has also grown in Samarasata (social harmony) related activities during the year.


In another major activity as part of SV150, a conference of Vice Chancellors of universities was held in November last year. More than 105 Vice Chancellors and of equivalent rank participated in the conference. Inspired by the scale of celebrations and Swamiji’s message, they proposed to introduce Swami Vivekananda’s message in the curriculum, through which they wished to give students a kind of social internship enabling students get a social orientation. The response for this initiative has been great.


There has been a wave of transformation in the country. When a major event of our democracy is about to happen, everyone should be active in the process. Sangh Swayamsevaks are active in this sphere too strengthening our democracy. Sangh is also observing Nagaland’s queen Gaidinliu’s centenary this year. She had fought against the British rule at a very young age of 16 and was jailed by the British. After the release she had also worked against conversions of the local populace. A statement in this regard and other topics will be released soon.”