“Hindutva is our National Identity” says Dr Mohan Bhagwat



“Bhavna ( the intention) behind a deed is more important than the magnitude of the deed. Viewed from this angle, the circulation of the weekly, Rashtradeep is not as important as the Weekly meeting the purpose of its existence” said Param Pujya Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday. Addressing the valedictory function of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Odia weekly “Rashtradeep”, he further said that the “The aim and objective of the magazine is to serve the people, connect them to their roots and culture, and help them in eradicating their pain and suffering by providing right information and correct views. I hope it will tread this path in the years to come pursuing the same aim and objective”. The grand function was held on Sunday at Shaheed Bhavan in Cuttack.

He started off his speech by narrating the story of a milk woman by name Hirabai, who jumped from the Raygarh fort during a dark night only to feed her child. Irrespective of whether the deed was small or big, he said, the intention behind doing so is more important.

Earlier during the evening, chief guest of the occasion, educationalist Dr. Achuta Samanta, Ex vice-chancellor of KIIT University, had said that “3 democratic milestones of Bharat had shaken the whole world since independence. Those were 1947, 1977 and 2014." Referring to this, Dr. Bhagwat said that “all these events were possible only because people of the country wanted change. It is being said that all this has happened because of some party, organization or an individual. They were there even before, but the change did not happen.  It is only when people wanted the change, then alone it could happen.

Following are the few excerpts of his speech.           

“If we go on doing the right things continuously with a noble aim, it will definitely bring change . Though it is difficult for good to counter evil, ultimately the good prevails, Truth and Dharma wins. As Swami Vivekananda once said, there are numerous individuals who worked for the society much vigorously than even Rama, Krishna and Jesus. But they didn't want any recognition and served the society silently. Likewise we don't work for any recognition. Silent work is our way of working.

All those who live here in Hindusthan are Hindus. Our style of worshipping may differ, some may not even worship at all, we may speak different languages, we may belong to various parts of this land, our eating habits may differ, yet we all are ONE. We are one nation. We are Hindus. Just as those who stay in England are English, those who stay in Germany are German, and those in US are Americans, all those who stay in Hindusthan are Hindus. It is a such a simple thing to understand. Hindutva is our nationality. It is a way of life. Unnecessarily some people are confusing the nation. Even the modern research suggests that since 40000 years or more one species has been living through Indo Iranian plate. Our DNA mapping too confirms the same.

The whole world is covered with Darkness of Adharma, Asat (falsehood), and Agyana (absence of proper knowledge). Adharma is attacking the Dharma. It happens. For this we must not be disheartened. The only way for survival of Bharat is Dharma. As long as we act according to Dharma, there is no power in the universe that can destroy Bharat. If we forget to act according to our Dharma, then nothing in this universe can save us. As the existence of the whole world is dependent on the existence of Bharat, the Almighty wants Bharat to exist, grow and enlighten the whole world, save the whole World.

Bharat has remained the torch bearer and guided the whole world since time immemorial. We helped others grow and never hurt any other nation. Therefore, others know our history and love us, but we forgot our past. At a time when others are looking at us with a great hope, we have forgotten our own glorious past, forgotten our SWADHARMA and are sleeping. We must have proper knowledge about SWA and DHARMA. Hinduism is SWA of Hindu. When someone tries to raise the SWA of Hindu, some are crying communal. Hinduism or Hindutwa is our Nationality. It is neither any worshiping style, nor any creed, place nor sect. It is an Identity and Nationality. With our Body-mind-wit (intellect), we must try to move forward towards Atman. This is our Dharma, this is Hindutva."

He concluded by saying that for the past 50 years Rashtradeep has struggled a lot yet the journey was never stopped and will never be. The present condition of our motherland has not changed satisfactorily. People are still suffering. They are not in good state of health, mind, and soul. In order to improve the things, Rashtradeep will glow, burn itself to enlighten the society. We will change the Dil (heart), Dasha (situation) but will never change the Disha( Direction).