Kerala’s political murders: RSS wants probe by a central investigating agency

New Delhi: Dr. Krishnagopal, Sahsarkaryavah of RSS has made an appeal to the union home ministry to take steps for a probe by a central investigating agency on the various brutal murders in Kannur (Kerala).  

In a press statement dated 2nd September 2014, Dr. Krishna Gopal referred to the brutal murder of RSS worker K. Manoj by CPM goons in Kannur, Kerala on Monday and said, “Such incidents show the frustration of CPM. We out rightly condemn this dastardly act of violence by CPM.”

“Recently there has been a surge in the number of CPM workers joining RSS activities. This frustration has resulted into such inhuman violent act by CPM. It is highly deplorable that even some national leaders of the CPM have made provocative speeches against RSS and related organizations during their recent tour of Kannur” He said. “They have repeatedly referred to ‘Kannur model’ as a successful model to be followed elsewhere” he added.

Sahsarkaryavah alleged that the Congress government in the state has had a tacit understanding with the CPM in these matters. In this context, he said, a state monitored investigation cannot identify and punish the real culprits, who have sponsored the terror for the last half a century in the killing fields of Kannur. Only an independent central agency will be able to untangle the mass of political patronage, terror financing and murders which have gripped this area.