Welcome to RSS

Expressed in the simplest terms, the ideal of the Sangh is to carry the nation to the pinnacle of glory, through organising the entire society and ensuring protection of Hindu Dharma.
Having identified this goal, the Sangh created a method of work in consonance with that ideal. Decades of functioning has confirmed that this is the most effective way of organising the society...

Vision & Mission

There could be only one explanation for the continuing march of the Sangh from strength to strength: the emotive response of the millions to the vision of Bharat's national glory, based on the noblest values constituting the cultural and spiritual legacy of the land and collectively called 'Dharma', comprising faith in the oneness of the human race, the underlying unity of all religious traditions, the basic divinity of the human being, complementarity and inter-relatedness of all forms of creation both ..

A short visual journey into glimpses of RSS history, vision and mission, various inspired organisations and Swayamsevaks contribution in various fields.
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  • Occasionally, the RSS organises camps for Swayamsevaks on a state level. It is a golden opportunity for healthy community living and to get inspiration and exposure to various social issues.
  • A glimpse in to the thousands of seva karya run by Swayamsevaks and people inspired by RSS.
  • RSS Journey

Ordinary Swayamsevak of the R. S. S. is not 'ordinary' in the sense he describes himself to be. There is an altogether distinct 'extraordinariness' in him. It is that extraordinariness of which he is not even aware, leave alone being proud of it. But Shri Guruji says that it is a matter of prestige to be an ordinary Swayamsevak. No other thing can be more respectable and prestigious than this. He explains how with very simple activities he can be the reliable force for change in the society...