Condolence Message
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh   20-Dec-2020

The demise of Shri Madhav Govind alias BaburaojiVaidya is the loss of a senior guardian for all the karyakartas of RSS. He was a distinguished scholar of Sanskrit, a fine journalist, an active member of the Vidhan Parishad and a brilliant litterateur. He had all these qualities invested in the Sangh. He was an active participant in the gradual development of Sangh’s activities. His life was a prosperous and fine life, deeply aligned with Sangh’s thoughts and values, and a manifestation of Sangh’s core values in all four vistas of his life viz. personal, familial, social and professional. Through his characteristic style of employing lucid words, logical approach and experiential interpretation in his speeches and writings, he endeavoured to rightly present Sangh to the world all his life. As a result of his inspiring life, his next generation is also invested in working for national interests and his two sons Shri Manmohan ji and Shri Ram ji are senior pracharaks in the Sangh.
The passing away of such an exemplary life obviously creates a void which is difficult to fill in. The entire family of Shri Vaidyaji is similarly experiencing a deep loss of a family guardian. It is difficult to console them and all of us. Only time can heal the void thus created by his demise. BabuRao ji’s life has taught all of us the paramount importance of fulfilling one’s duties in a steady and unwavering manner at every stage of life. While following these messages from his life and implementing them in our own lives, we pray that the Vaidya family and all of us get strength to bear this loss. We pray for shanti and sadgati of the departed soul.
Mohan Bhagwat
Suresh (Bhaiyya) Joshi