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Hotmail user-base grew faster than any media company in history – faster than CNN, faster than AOL, even faster than Seinfeld’s audience.” was the statement in Wired’s December 1998 issue. Draper Fisher Jurvetson loved the idea of a free webmail service presented by Hotmail co-founders Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1995 but was unsure about the growth of this venture.

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Little did they know that Hotmail will shape and change the course of Worldwide web history and go on to become the first and one of its kind e-device to provide free webmail service to its users. It didn’t take Hotmail more than 2 years to attract 30+ million active users making it the world’s first and foremost biggest webmail service for free.


Hotmail Webmail Service:

Like any other project, Hotmail faced its share of obstacles and backlashes but that didn’t stop Hotmail from maintaining its legacy at the same time competing with its counterparts. The giant Microsoft brand took Hotmail under its umbrella on Dec 31, 1997, for $500 Million.

Microsoft was missing a search engine and webmail service in its cloud so after buying Hotmail, it was integrated into all Microsoft-owned products and services. It was a great online marketing strategy to drive Hotmail traffic to its sister websites for possible conversions. With Hotmail integration on different websites, users can easily make a transaction using their Hotmail account.

Hotmail was a pioneer in the voyage of information and communications technology. Before the launch of Hotmail, no one had an idea of the possibility of sending and receiving messages on personal computers. Hotmail was one of the building blocks of what we now call the technological revolution.

It also paved the way for digital marketing and advertising revenue while providing free service to its users. The award-winning webmail service is now called outlook (courtesy of Microsoft) but let’s get real, who even uses that new name? We still call it Sign Up:

We all started our internet and email address journey with a Hotmail account, we used it to sign up on Different websites, e-stores, social media, blog posts, YouTube, and whatnot. Some of our first internet experiences started by signing in on Hotmail. Be it first email address, first social media registration or our first online purchase, it all started from

This indicates the popularity of the Hotmail webmail service and the monopoly it played in developing times of the Worldwide web. Back in the days, it was only the biggest Webmail service which is why Microsoft, instead of launching a different domain, straightaway bought Hotmail. I, for one, still use my Hotmail address to register on different platforms. It’s impressive that, being the oldest webmail service Hotmail is still competing and in certain aspects, winning the free web-based email race.

Hotmail Login/Sign in:

Hotmail is now known as Microsoft rebranded Hotmail into outlook, it was a heavy-duty rebranding by totally changing the name to Microsoft outlook but Hotmail users can still use their Hotmail email address to sign in/log in to their Hotmail email address. Below are the instructions to log in to using the Hotmail email domain on Hotmail Website and Hotmail Mobile App.


Hotmail Login Web:

  • The first step to logging into Hotmail Website is to open an Internet browser. You can use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Browser, Google Chrome browser to access

  • On the address bar, type Yes, you can still use that URL to access the Hotmail Webmail service. Press Enter or click on the âž¡ button.

  • The Worldwide web will open the domain AKA The screenshot of the Homepage is posted below for your reference.

  • On the homepage, there are multiple options to choose from. These options include:

  • Create Free Account; you can create a new account using the Hotmail domain.

  • Try Premium; Hotmail offers some premium services within Services like Personalized Email Address allows you to create an email address with your name only, Advanced Security secures your email address against malware and phishing, Email Encryption ensure your details remain with Microsoft and is not forwarded to any third party, Ads Free feature of premium version gets rid of all kinds of ads interrupting or ruining your experience, Large storage offers up to 50GB of space to store larger files and Premium Support provides the subscribers with the highest level of customer service.

  • Sign In; The option we're here for. To sign in to your Hotmail account, Click Sign In Option.

  • will open a window on your browser. You can use your Hotmail email address of the account you want to access.

  • Or, You can use your phone number that is linked to your account in account details. Phone number is an easier way to log into your Hotmail account for its precise and unique number.

  • Lastly, Since skype is Hotmail's sister product from Microsoft which allows online video calling services, you can use a skype email username to Sign in to a Hotmail account. Skype username can be a mixture of words, numbers, and special characters associated with your Hotmail account.

  • Now, Type any of the three options from above and click on Next.

  • Type in your Hotmail email address password and click Sign In.

  • If you cant remember your password, you can sign in with option given called Forgot Password?

  • Hotmail will ask you to either enter your Username, Email Address Or Phone Number associated with the account you want to Log into.

  • A choice of verification methods will be given.

  • You can retrieve your account via phone number verification or via Recovery Email Address.

  • A code will be sent to your phone number or recovery email. Type that code in a verification code bar and click Next.

  • You may be asked to answer security questions for recovery purpose.

  • You will then be able to access your Hotmail account since you verified your account ownership.

  • There's a tricky part. This part arrives when you try to log into Hotmail from an unknown device or browser. Do you remember Hotmail asked you for a security email address when you first registered? Well, here’s why. So, the email that you must have verified as a security email address will receive a mail with a security code. This step is to secure your account of any possible hacking job. Just type in the code you received in a mail and click Sign in. Nonetheless, you can still Use Your Password Instead, but then you'd still have to verify yourself through this security step.

You will be redirected to your Hotmail Account Dashboard on your internet browser. You can now enjoy the legend of the webmail service that was launched more than 20 years ago with all its pros and no cons at all. “Old Is Gold”, this quote matches the context perfectly.

Hotmail login on Mobile App:

In this technological era, we have the world within the palm of our hands. Wireless connection, cellular refinement, and digital engineering have brought about massive development in the field of science and technology.

The most popular and practical product of this innovative era is a portable mobile phone. Since every person owns their cell phone, it pushes the companies to consider it as a marketing center to advertise and improvise their products for its consumer. All the digital products, for example, Hotmail Email Service have their Mobile Phone versions available for its consumer to use this service anywhere and everywhere.

Mobile Applications are portable editions of these products. Who would have thought in 1996 that they'd be using their favorite Hotmail webmail service from the tips of their fingers after 20+ years? Want to know how you can access your Hotmail Inbox on your mobile?

  • To get started, you need to download the Hotmail Mobile App. Android users can download the App from Google Play Store whereas, iPhone users can download the App from their Apple App Store.

  • Open your Hotmail App once you have successfully installed the Hotmail Mobile App on your phone.

  • Upon opening, Hotmail App will automatically identify any Hotmail account linked to your phone's memory. If you want to access that account, Click 1 Account Found.

  • Or, If you're new to Hotmail, You can Create New Account and create an account on Hotmail.

  • There are a number of options you can use to Log in to your Hotmail account.

  • You can also add an account link on your device by selecting Add Google Account. This option is a great way to have all your email addresses saved in one place.

  • You can Create New Account.

  • You can use a traditional way to log into your Hotmail account by typing in your Hotmail email address in Email Address bar.

  • The next window will ask you for the Password.

  • Enter your password and you'll gain access to your Hotmail Email Account Inbox/Dashboard.

  • If you do not remember your password, you can select Forgot Password for options to Sign in with an alternative option.

  • You can also log in by getting a verification code on your recovery email address. Similarly to what we discussed on website version of Hotmail. By selecting Email Code to *Your Recovery Email*, you will request the following page.

  • Just type in your recovery email address and select Send Code. Or, select I have a code if you received a code already. Enter the code in the next window and you will successfully regain access to your Hotmail Account.

  • Or, You can use Sign In Using The QR Code On Your Computer.

  • This option basically gives you the convenience of Signing in without giving any credentials. If you have Hotmail Account logged into your computer, you need only to open the QR code and scan it onto your phone using the same option. I love this option and use it mostly to sign into my Hotmail account.

    So, there are a lot of ways to log into your Hotmail account. Having read the instructions, you won’t face any hurdles logging in or recovering your Hotmail Email Account to access your Hotmail inbox

Perks of Hotmail Account:

You must be wondering why to log in to Hotmail when there are so many popular and fresh webmail services available for free. Well, Hotmail is easily by far the most customizable and integrated Worldwide web service. Let's go through some of the very unique perks of which can not be found in any of its counterparts available on the Worldwide Web market.

Offline Mode:

Don’t worry if you are on a plane or in a remote location with no internet service. You can still access your Hotmail inbox through its offline mode. On Hotmail offline mode you can check mail, delete mail, assemble folders and categories and schedule email, and much more settings without an internet connection. Hotmail doesn’t lose functionality with the loss of internet.

Find Email:

I know most webmail services provide the option of finding an email via search option but you must specify the email down to its spelling while on Hotmail you can find email by applying filters like an email from a certain date, a certain type of email, or from a certain category. The topic of category and sorting leads us to next perk from Hotmail worthy of mention.

Sort/Categorize Email:

Needs of consumers vary from person to person. Every person has a set of customization preferences. You can sort, prioritize, and categorize your Hotmail inbox however you want. Some people prefer sorting emails by Alphabet, some prefer timeline setting and some assigned categories to their emails for easy access. You can also prioritize or ignore certain emails by flagging them as either important or unimportant.

Composing Tips:

Various mailing tips are given on the time of composing and sending/telecasting a mail. We live in an automated world where anything out of the box yields no significant importance but Hotmail has this feature that lets you know ahead of time of any/all errors you may be doing while composing an email. Dialogues like, “Are you sure you want to send this email to all contacts? can save us from the utter disappointment of sending a casual email to a professional colleague by mistake.

Customer Feedback:

Lastly, another good gesture worth mentioning is that Hotmail takes their customer’s feedback and brings changes to their product accordingly. Many of the aforementioned perks have been suggested by Hotmail consumers themselves. We all love a company that considers our opinion of the utmost importance. No wonder why Hotmail Users are known as most content consumers of this legendary Webmail Service.