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Do you know how many people do Facebook sign up and create a new Facebook account each day? 500,000 people sign up on Facebook.com each day, 6 new Facebook accounts are created every second. Facebook is one of its kind, a Social media platform that was improvised according to the trends and requirements of its users.

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Created by a Harvard sophomore Mark Zuckerberg to virtually connect Harvard students around the campus. Facebook was initially called The Facebook, in one day, over 1000 users registered to this social media platform. Facebook quickly picked up a pace and took the whole world by storm. More and more people started to sign up and create new Facebook account resulting in 1 million users by the end of the year 2004.

Facebook Signup on Website:

Facebook is the Social media platform that maintained its popularity among generations of internet users. It has been serving as a mode to build a virtual society, communicate, share and interact with your friends, family, and even your favorite celebrities.

Chances are, that if you’re a part of the millennial party, you already have more than one Facebook accounts, it’s true let’s face it. But, if you still want to create a new account on facebook.com, you’re in for a treat. I have crafted a very easy peasy lemon squeezy guide for you to Sign up On Facebook. Follow the instructions from below and sign up quickly!

  1. Start by opening your internet browser. It can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge or Internet explorer. Anything that works best for you but make sure to use the newest versions of your default browser.

  2. Type the URL:www.facebook.com, doing so will lead you to Facebook homepage like this

  3. Here, a multiple options are given for you to choose from. Select the green box that says Create New Account.

  4. In order to Sign Up on Facebook, you will need to fill up this registration form.

  5. Type your First name and Surname in the relevant fields.

  6. Enter your Mobile number if you want to sign up with your Mobile number Or
    You can use your Email address to sign up with an email. (You can use your Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo email address).

  7. Type a strong New password.

  8. Enter the Date, Month and Year of your Birth in the boxes respectively.

  9. Mark for your Gender either Female, Male or Select Custom and enter your Pronoun.

  10. Hit Sign Up.

  11. The following dialog box will appear.

  12. Now, enter the security code that is sent to the email inbox that you provided at the new account registration window.

  13. Press Continue to proceed.

  14. Your new Facebook account has now been confirmed.

You can use your Facebook to interact, connect, socialize, share and create your social media circle with people who you may know by setting up your profile like Profile Picture, Info, Add friends and Family, set your privacy, and much more.

facebook signup

Facebook Sign up/Create Facebook Account on mobile:

Facebook mobile app like any other App, been through a lot in terms of User interfaces. The beginning version was quite bulky but so were the phones it was made for. As mobiles become more portable, Facebook mobile versions started to revolve around portability as well.

Now Facebook mobile is no less than Facebook.com. Facebook is different than other email platforms because it is now a widespread system with more than communication means. Here’s how you can Create Facebook Account on a mobile App.

  1. Find and install Facebook Mobile App from the App stores of your Android or iPhone.

  2. Open Facebook Mobile App on your Android/iPhone.

  3. Tap on Create New Account box.

  4. An Extension browser of Facebook mobile app will lead you to the Facebook Sign Up Page.

  5. On that page, You need to enter your First name and Surname.

  6. Press Next button to proceed.

  7. Enter your Email address if you’re using your email to sign up. Alternatively, you can also use your phone number to Sign Up.

  8. Select Next button for next step.

  9. Now, Scroll and select the Date, Month and Year of your birth. Alternatively, you can also put in your age in the field.

  10. Select your gender or gender pronoun.

  11. Hit up the Sign Up button.

  12. A verification code that has been sent to the email address you used to register. Or, if you’ve use your mobile number then you will have a verification code in a SMS sent to that number. Enter the code from either of the options and tap Continue.

  13. Also, if you don’t have access to the email or phone number that you used earlier, you can also change that by using Update Contact Info and proceed with the rest of the process.

  14. Once your process is completed, your account will be confirmed.

So now that know how you can create and set up your new Facebook account, do want to know more about what Facebook has in store for you? Keep reading the space to find out more about it.

Facebook Benefits:

Facebook has evolved so much in the past years that its secondary functions have taken over its primary options. As digital marketing started to take off the marketing world, Facebook played a huge role in this field. Be it communities, families, businesses, markets, hiring of employees, cultural grounds, brands or an individual social media account, Facebook has been catering to the needs of all these Fields according to its user’s requirements and needs.

Facebook Timeline:

Facebook timeline allows you to keep up with your friends, their activites and their involvements in different projects. A Facebook timeline can be customized tailored to your interest. You can set recent, most relevant and most active filter for accurate results. These activates are called posts and there are activities within these posts called Like, Comment and Share. That way people can interact with a certain post with a like, comment or share the post with the groups of their friends.

Facebook Messenger:

An old user will know how these features have evolved in the past. Timeline and messenger were two main things that originally took Facebook in the hall of fame. Facebook messenger is used to communicate with friends, send and receive messages, images, videos, voice and video calls as well as group video calls. It’s like a little Skype within Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups have been existing since the beginning. Anyone who is associated with Facebook for a long time, will know about Facebook groups. But now these groups are being used to develop a community of certain group of people, brand, culture, country and field. People use these groups to Help each other, post reviews, caution people and contribute to the wellbeing of all people involved.

Facebook Market Place:

The space that I personally spend a lot of time on is the Facebook market place. Facebook syncs your location and show the products listed near you. It’s a great place for local business to strive and make good customer relations or even for a person who wants to sell or buy something on Facebook like he would on any other market place.

Facebook Adds:

When Web 2.0 allowed the users to actually create content for the audience, Facebook showed great support to initiate this practice. Facebook ads allow any business. be it local, national, or international, to circulate the ad for their product/services. Since people spend a lot of time on Facebook it’s a good opportunity for brands and businesses to target the relevant audience for a certain type of ad.

Jobs on Facebook:

This is one of the most recent developments of Facebook. You can hunt a job, apply for a job and secure a job on Facebook. With CV and cover letter generator and synchronizer, you only need to put in your details and your cover letter once and use it as many times as you want and apply for any suitable job which again, Facebook will find for you.


Q: Why can’t I create Facebook account with my email address?

A: That might happen if you try to use an email address that is already associated with an existing account.

Q: Can I create multiple accounts with one email address?

A: No, you can create just one Facebook account with your email address.

Q: My phone number shows up invalid/unavailable.

A: Did you double-check your phone number? Recheck your phone number and put it inaccurately.

Q: How many Facebook accounts I can create with one phone number?

A: Similar to one account with one email address, you can create only one account with your phone number.

Q: Is the phone number I used to register will be in my public info?

A: No, the phone number you used to sign up can only be seen by you.

Q: Can I create a Facebook account with my Hotmail email address?

A: Yes, you can use any of the Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook accounts to sign up on Facebook.

Q: I can’t access the email address and the phone number I entered to register Facebook account with, what to do?

A: Just click Update Contact Info and go back and change email or phone number to a new one.