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Hotmail is a fast, free email service from Microsoft Corporation. However, the service is no longer known as Hotmail, MSN, or Windows Live. In fact, the site has been completely upgraded to the latest Outlook and Hotmail may mean the same thing, but I don't think Microsoft has rebranded its popular webmail service for the sake of the namesakes.

It really wasn't just about renaming - a pure re-branding strategy. In fact, they've made something better of it, adding a bunch of new useful features to your inbox and also making it easier to use for their users. Hotmail accounts enjoy all the benefits of Outlook, meaning they don't become obsolete or need to be recycled.

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As many active Hotmail users already know, the famous email address hasn't gone away. It's ready to go and has the same great reputation as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. A Hotmail email account can easily be used with the Outlook email client, Microsoft Teams, Skype, OneDrive, Office 365, and even the Windows Insider Program.

hotmail signup

How To Signup Hotmail?

Signing up for Hotmail is very easy. If you navigate to or any other country version of Hotmail, you will be redirected to the site since everything is now going through this new service from Microsoft. All your contacts, emails, appointments in the calendar have been transferred to, and you have access to all your materials, emails, and documents at any time.


However, below are the steps required to easily create a new account and perform hassle-free Hotmail sign up.

  1. To create an account, first, go to
  2. Now fill out the registration form that you see on the left side of your screen. Enter your first and last name in the first two text boxes above.
  3. Select and enter your new username.
  4. From the drop-down list on the right, choose whether you want to create your new Microsoft account at or
  5. Create a strong password having at least eight characters.
  6. Re-enter your new password.
  7. Select your country or region from the drop-down menu.
  8. Enter your zip code.
  9. Choose your date of birth from the drop-down menu.
  10. Choose your gender.
  11. Enter your country code.
  12. Enter your contact number.
  13. Provide an alternate email address if you have one.
  14. Enter the characters you see in the image below in the registration form. This step is required because

Microsoft wants to ensure that a real person creates an account.
Now just click the blue button that says "Create Account," and you're done! After the process is finished, you are already in your new inbox, from where you can manage your emails, contacts, data, and appointments. You will see that it is not difficult.

Hotmail Sign in / Hotmail Login

You don't need an Outlook email address to sign up for Hotmail Sign up also works with a Hotmail address ( as well as with these mails: and Now we will see how the Hotmail login works?

  1. First, call up the website in your Internet browser and click on "Login."
  2. You will then be redirected to the general Microsoft login and can log in.
  3. In the new window, enter your Hotmail email address ( or one of these email addresses: or
  4. Then enter your password and confirm with Next. You will then have access to your mailbox and can receive and send emails and upload documents.

However, after switching from a Hotmail to an Outlook email address, it is no longer possible to switch back to Hotmail.

Setting Up Hotmail Account.

Once your Hotmail account is ready, you need to set it up to receive your email:

  1. Open your inbox
  2. Click "Options" at the top right of the page
  3. Select "Other options."
  4. Open "Manage Your Account" and click on "Send and receive messages from other email accounts."
  5. Click "You can receive mail from these accounts" and then click "Add an email account."
  6. Click on "Advanced Options" and enter the required information (address, username, Hotmail password, etc.).
  7. Make sure the "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" check box is unchecked and that the port is 110
    Select "Leave a copy of the messages on the server" so you can view your messages in Outlook or other email software.
  8. Click on Continue".
  9. Specify where the mail that arrives at your email address should go
  10. Click on "Save."

Forget Hotmail Account Password?

If you can't log in to Hotmail, you may have forgotten your credentials. To recover the password, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Reset Password to get started.
  2. Choose the reason why you can't sign in and click Next.
  3. Enter the email address you used to create your Microsoft account.
  4. Enter the characters that appear on the screen and select Next.
  5. If you've added security info to your account, choose whether you want the one-time code sent to your alternate email address or phone number.
  6. Then write the code that appears on the next screen and create your new password.

If you still couldn't type in Hotmail, your account may have been banned. To do this, you need to unlock it as follows:

  1. Go to reset password to reset your password and recover your account.
  2. Enter the email address of your blocked account, enter the characters shown on the screen and select Next.
  3. Then enter the code generated by the authenticator app or select another verification option to receive a text message.
  4. These text messages can come from "MSFT," as a short number, or as a mobile phone number. If you have requested a six-digit security code, you can trust the incoming message.
  5. If you don't have or can't access an alternate email address or phone number, select I didn't receive a code when asked for a code when logging in, or I don't have access to it when you reset the password and follow then follow the instructions.
  6. After entering the security code, you need to change the password to complete the unlocking process.
  7. Make sure you create a strong and unique password to keep your account secure.


Hotmail is a free email service from Microsoft that has been rebranded as Outlook and has incorporated various additional online tools and features. Hotmail lets you check email from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Following this guide, you can now easily perform Hotmail sign up along with the other password recovery, forgot password, and Hotmail login options. You may already notice that logging in to Hotmail in Outlook is an extremely simple procedure. All you have to do is remember your Hotmail email and password. This can become complex if you haven't used it for many years. However, you can follow the procedure explained to recover your password without significant effort.